Trash Cult is a 2-4 player game in which you're competing to become the best cult of trash animals by racing to collect the junk food your cult worships.

To get ahead, you can Snackrifice your cult members, hostages, or food to find cards you need or to sabotage an enemy. Careful though! Any time you perform a Snackrifice, you bring chaos to the whole table in the form of lunar eclipses, hungry bears, animal control, and more.

You Started a Cult of Trash Animals!

  • Raccoons & Pizza let you steal the food you worship from an enemy
  • Skunks & Pie let you steal the food your enemy worships from them
  • Squirrels & Cookies let you dig through the active deck to find what you need
  • Rats & Donuts let you grab what you need from the trash

Cult Perks!

Each type of cult has a unique benefit you can redeem when you Snackrifice its members or food of worship.

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